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Film Showcase: From Atlanta With Love

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Inaugural event : July 20th 2022 

Year 2: March 29th 2023

The Plaza Theater

Atlanta, Georgia

A co-production between Nicole Kemper of Critical Crop Top and Ava Davis of Studio Vosges, FROM ATLANTA WITH LOVE, celebrates the best of Y’allywood with a program featuring women and LGBTQ+ creatives. Each event was followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers.

"Georgia has been a big destination for filming but I don’t know if Hollywood sees the immense talent that is here writing, directing, creating - we really wanted to celebrate that. The work that’s coming out of this community is really exciting,” says Nicole Kemper.


“The landscape of independent film is changing, especially for those of us who are women, minorities, and from marginalized communities. Not only that, but we’ve endured a lot over the course of the pandemic. And I think the stories we’ve chosen reflect how resilient we are,” added Ava Davis. “It’s a struggle as an independent filmmaker, and often times there’s a lot of losses. Having a screening like this allows us to celebrate our successes and
highlight the Atlanta independent film community.”


Ava Davis is a  frequent collaborator with Critical Crop Top, including Could This Have Been An Email and our feature film in development, Mr. Pleasure.


Films and Filmmakers 7/20/2022:
So Meant To Be - Written and Directed by Cayla Priest
The Duchess of Grant Park - Written by Ava Davis / Directed by Brandon
Young Won Han Bok - Directed by Crystal Jin Kim
Post Citrus - Written and Directed by Madison Hatfield
Gatito - Written by Elin Rose Hill / Directed by Kristina Arjona

Could This Have Been An Email - Written by Nicole Kemper / Directed by Sarah Alison Hodges and Nicole Kemper

Films and Filmmakers 3/29/2023:

• Leasing Space - Written and Directed by Giovanni Tortorici

• Thirty Candles - Directed by Jono Mitchell/Written by Madison Hatfield

• Levitate Levitate Levitate - Written by Ebony Blanding/Directed by Ebony Blanding, Amber Bournett - McClain

• Torn Together - Written by Melissa Kunnap, Ava Davis, Frances Chang/Directed by Melissa Kunnap

• Max and the Monster - Written and Directed by Jenna Kanell

• Just Pee Here - Written and Directed by Sarah Stephens

• A Grim Diagnosis - Directed by Nicole Kemper, Sarah Alison Hodges/Written by Nicole Kemper

It is a pleasure and joy to be amongst such talent and we look forward to producing more screening events in the future that showcase the incredible work of women and LGBTQ+ creatives in Georgia!

All photo credits: Mark Morin /
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